Photographer Marc WITTKOWSKI was born in the Bavarian Alps where he was raised among local traditions, habits and unique characters, developing a strong interest in other people’s lives from very early on. In the early 2000’s he moved to Munich to study mechanical engineering. During his first year at university he came across the art of photography which ultimately became his true passion, leading him to change his degree to Photodesign. While assisting various fashion and still-life photographers his focus shifted to people and transportation soon, due to his personal interests. His fascination for cars and especially planes grew with time which brought him to getting his pilot license.

Marc’s people work is driven by his curiosity in their personalities and backgrounds while his affinity for shapes, technology and engineering is reflected in his displays of automobiles, planes, boats and anything powered by an engine. He loves to work with his team on location or in the studio always aiming to create the most elegant and pure visual experiences.

He is represented by SCHIERKE artists.

photo credit: Bert Heinzlmeier